List of upcoming fairs


FOTOEXPO - 20. 10. 2018

Národní dům
na Vinohradech - Praha

6th Trade Fair and Festival of Contemporary Photography

DŘEVOSTAVBY - 7. - 10. 2. 2019

Prague Holešovice Exhibition Centre

14th International Trade Fair of wooden and low-energy buildings, constructions and materials

MODERNÍ VYTÁPĚNÍ - 7. - 10. 2. 2019

Prague Holešovice Exhibition Centre

14th Fair for heating, fireplaces, stoves, energy savings and their use

AMPER - 19. - 22. 3. 2019

Brno Exhibition Centre

27th International Trade Fair of Electrotechnics, Energetics, Automation, Communication, Lighting and Security Technologies

TERINVEST organizational division

The overall organization of trade fairs, business and contract communication with exhibitors.

Contacts and more information can be found on the website of the specific trade fair.



TERINVEST technical division

Booth constructions, equipment, technical connections, cleaning, graphics, exhibition stands in Czech Republic and abroad according exact requirements.

More information can be found here.




AMPER 2017
video report